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                        Rare Antiques Savonneries


These two palace-sized antique Savonneries were commissioned for King George The Fifth of British Empire, circa 1870! Origin France or possible Italy. Certificate is available upon request. Please read below for more description of each rug, including size.


A LARGE EUROPEAN PILE CARPET (The red one) The plain plum-red field around a large light blue medallion enclosed with a scrolling rococo frame with a variety of flowers around a cusped ivory central medallion containing a floral bouquet, ivory panels in each corner containing the interlaced initials ‘G G’ below a Marquis’s coronet 30ft. 8in. x 23ft. 2in. (934 x 706 cm.)100% wool & in perfect condition with royal care!


A LARGE EUROPEAN PILE CARPET (The green-er one) The raspberry-red field with scrolling burgundy-red acanthus and minor floral sprays around a lime-green floral and scrolling acanthus quatrefoil medallion around a central bottle-green octagonal panel containing a single floral bouquet, with shaped cartouches in the middle of each side containing the gothic initials ‘G G’ 23ft. 8in. x 20ft. 9in. (721 x 632 cm.)100% wool & in perfect condition with royal care!


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